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“We recently purchased 200 dairy cows from Germany and Luxembourg through the Livestock Exchange. The whole process was simple, efficient and very well organized. Our criteria was healthy, productive animals that produce high solids and the Livestock Exchange delivered in every aspect. The service provided was outstanding and the whole process has been a positive step forward for our business. We would recommend the Livestock Exchange to anyone considering expanding their herd.”

"When the decision was made to have a bit of a herd expansion we looked round at our options and decided on imported heifers. As TB was a big concern it seemed logical to look to countries with very low incidence. We looked into various importers and we were drawn to The Livestock Exchange. As Andy and Isaac both had reputations for a good eye for cows. We knew could trust in what we were going to look at. We were really impressed with the quality of cow that was presented. The best part was having to knock cows off our list because we had more choice than We could fit in our lorry load. The lorry was full of good heifers many by top bulls and many with deep pedigrees at a very good price. Within a week of returning home the cows had arrived and settled very quickly and the livestock exchange would be our first point of call when we look to expand again."

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